Saturday, 7 September 2013

The Project

You know, I can't remember exactly how the idea was born. I have always been interested in Sci-Fi, both reading and writing it. That, along with a fondness for things submersible, gave me a germ that matured into an overall plot.

As my first attempt at a novel-length story, I find that I am, as I have seen described, a 'seat-of-the-pantser'. Within the overall scheme of things, the direction and action seem, at times, to almost write themselves, and come tumbling out. Other times, it's like someone fed me a spoonful of alum, and all the sphincters (especially creativity) do their little dance and lock firmly shut.

Ah well, onward to the novel...

The story is set in 2062, a world controlled by SuperCorps, and introduces a small group of characters that form the crew of an experimental submersible, the Erasmus. Their mission to examine a deep ocean gravimetric anomaly leads them into one of the sea's greatest depths. When they finally surface again, they find their notions of 'what's possible' firmly challenged.

At this point, for your reading pleasure, and hopefully some constructive criticism, I present the first seven chapters of twenty-three I've written so far. I hope you enjoy!

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