Saturday, 7 September 2013

Well, here we are...

Photo by Simon Hughes
Well, here we are, a blank page, a brand new blog, this one dedicated to my writing projects. Right now, I have one major one on the go, a Sci-Fi novel entitled "Slipstream". More on this to come...

When I first got into writing this novel, I started into it, luckily, using Scrivener on my iMac. I had purchased Scrivener for a previous project and had loved its way of being able to so easily rearrange chapters/sections/whatever. It's a real writers tool. I also wanted to use my iPad to be able to write remotely and then seamlessly sync with Scrivener the iMac.

The app that lets me do this (as I still await an iPad version from Scrivener's author) is one called Notebooks. This app maintains the same independent folder hierarchy and syncs up with Scrivener via Dropbox.

It all works wonderfully well!

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